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Voted Best

Parent Communication App 

by superintendents across the country.

Parent Teacher Communication App : A Unified Solution


School districts often end up using five to ten different classroom communication apps across all their schools. Schools might be using one tool for msging, and a completely different tool for taking attendance or healthcheck forms. When a school or district uses too many communication apps, things get lost in the shuffle. Overloaded parents often miss important messages leading to further disengagement and frustration.

Bloomz is the unified parent teacher communication app that increases parental engagement by connecting everyone with one easy-to-use tool. Bloomz handles ALL district, school, teacher, parent, and student communication. Bloomz is designed to be the complete unified solution, bringing together teachers, parents and students.

The Best Communication Solution.
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Trusted by Districts, Schools & Teachers in over 30,000 schools.

All Communication Tools in One 幸运飞行艇官方开奖历史记录|查询开奖结果官方,查询开奖历史记录 Unified Solution.

Keep Everyone Connected. Streamline Your Communication.


District Communication

Move from mass communications to modern conversations with all the tools
district leaders need to strengthen the school-home connection.

Alerts & Announcements

Email unfortunately gets buried. With the parent communication app Bloomz, announcements remain visible for the time frame you specify. Alerts override notification preferences & quiet hours and can be urgently sent with pre-created templates, even from a mobile device.
- More About Alerts & Announcements

Auto Attendance, Grade & Balance Notices
Create & schedule student-specific notifications to be automatically sent on recurring intervals for attendance, lunch balances, grades, bus route updates, and more.
- More About Auto Attendance


Secure Document Delivery
New in 2022! Save time and resources by electronically sending confidential student information such as grade reports or IEP’s.

Social & Web Shares
Multiply your reach by sharing relevant posts, announcements, or urgent alerts to social channels and websites with a single click.

Maintain visibility into all communications, district to the classroom, and everything in between. User-based permissions, post moderation, timestamps, read receipts, & modality information provides additional auditing measures.

 Download Oversight & Reporting Factsheet


School Communication

Centralize and streamline all critical school-related services and information including sports teams,
before/after school programs, clubs/councils, bus routes & parent organizations

News & Information
Paper handouts get lost. Save time and money by modernizing communication through the intuitive social media-like interface. All users choose their quiet hours and notification preferences (App, Email, TEXT and Voice).
- More About Notifications

Attendance Management

Save valuable office time with workflows that enable parent and/or staff responses to absence/tardy notifications with two-way dialogue for excusals.

Events & Appointments
Eliminate the chaos for parents by centralizing calendar events and reminders while making participatory opportunities accessible for all.

Health Screening
Simplify health screening processes for all members with customizable forms, question categorization, automated alerts for positive submissions, and detailed administrator reports.

Download Administrator Reports Factsheet

Forms & Permission Slips
New in 2022! Save time by distributing permission slips and forms in preferred languages with pre-populated student/parent information and easily collect signatures for compliance.  Bloomz is a teacher parent communication app with a robust permission slip feature.

Groups & Subgroups
Foster an environment that supports the whole child. Subgroups inside of classrooms with a variety of roles/permissions allow support staff such as counselors, speech therapists, special-ed, aides, paras, etc. to share crucial information with parents and guardians.

- More About Creating Groups & Adding Members

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Classroom Communication

Bloomz is a classroom communication app built to equip teachers with tools to build a community within

the classroom, and reach each participant in a child’s education right where they are. 

Classroom, Group & Private Messaging
Safely share information through posts, scheduled announcements, group, or private messaging. Strengthen family connections with direct messaging, photo, video, or document sharing.

Conferences & Volunteers
Save time by streamlining conference and office hour scheduling, classroom volunteer opportunities, and supply wishlists.
- More About Calendars & Signups

Portfolios, Activities & Assignments

Optional media-rich feature with cross-year timelines & collaborative whiteboarding tools. Especially helpful for lower grade levels not yet accustomed to an LMS.
- More About Activities & Assignments

Student Access Modes
Configure classes for a variety of age ranges: No Student Access, Shared Access (QR or class code for students), or Individual Access that allows students to message staff, schedule office hours, etc.

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PBIS/ SEL Communication

Build your school community through open communication and positive reinforcement with Bloomz' Behavior and Reports features.

Standardize PBIS or SEL Interactions
Define school-wide behavior interactions and let them automatically flow to classes underneath. You can also create different teams or "houses" of students to compete with each other to meet your behavior goals. Optionally allow teachers to add their own custom interactions in addition to standardized interactions.

Reward & Track Interactions in Class or Anywhere
Administrators can allow teachers to capture behavior data for any student (not just those in their own classroom), and also track the customizable locations where the interaction was observed. This data can be analyzed using the behavior administrator reports.
- More About PBIS / SEL Communication

Automate Recognitions and Interventions with Behavior Flags

Save time with flags - automated or manual. Flags are an easy way to provide feedback and rewards while keeping an eye on all students' behavior. Automatically award your "School Leadership" milestone to a student who earns 25 points in a month or automatically notify relevant teachers about a Tier II type behavior incident that can also generate an administrator referral notification if needed.

Age-appropriate Themes for Early Learning, Elementary, Middle School and Beyond
Using Bloomz behavior tracking with any of the various age appropriate themes (flowers, monsters, neutral etc.). Bloomz provides various modes for its behavior functionality to keep students engaged. Visual cues show a students' progress towards the goal, with different options to meet your students' preferences.

PBIS Reporting Dashboard & Analytics
Administrators can analyze the behavior data across various dimensions: such as trends by classes, by staff, by students, by interactions, and by locations. All reports can be downloaded in a CSV format for further analysis.

- More About PBIS / SEL Behavior Reports

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A Unified Solution

Simplify the process and deliver communication that’s equitable,
actionable & relevant for all your stakeholders

Dashboard Reports & Analytics
Administrators at all levels glean valuable insights into the who, what, when & how for all aspects of their home-school communication. Easily identify the unreachable and take action to ensure contactability.

Member Directory
Make it easy for your staff with searchable, filterable (i.e grades, languages, role, membership, etc.) and editable directory information. If enabled, family members can connect with teachers, staff, or even each other.

Language Translation
Two-way AI powered translation in 133 languages ensures information reaches all families on day #1 in their preferred language and modality (App, TEXT, Email, Voice). The original message is always available for viewing.
- More About Automatic Translation


幸运飞行艇官方开奖历史下载 SIS, LMS, Data Integrations & SSO
Access codes and manual invitation processes result in spotty utilization. Remove the friction for teachers, parents & students through any of our bulk import methods. SSO through Clever, Classlink, or GoogleClassroom makes access a breeze and automated data sync keeps the information up-to-date.

幸运飞行艇官方开奖历史下载  Download SIS, LMS, Data Integrations & SSO Factsheet

District & School Branding
Instill trust and confidence with your stakeholders through consistent, customized stationery for all communications as well as branding for all district & school pages, classrooms, groups, etc.

Data Security, Privacy & Archival
Bloomz is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and fully FERPA & COPPA compliant having received IKeepSafe’s COPPA, FERPA and CSPC certifications. We automatically archive all records for reference, security and overall peace of mind.
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