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Activities & Assignments

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With Bloomz, your teachers can create digital activities, send assignments to students, track their responses and record them in their Portfolios for easy sharing.

activities-11. Create Activities

Easily create assignments in Bloomz with many tools to create your templates - draw, type, add pictures & video, or upload files. You can add instructions for students and parents too.

1a. Get creative
Start an activity from scratch or pick one from our vast library of activities (see below). Activities can be arranged by subject or grade.

activities-21b. Add all the details
Add as much details so students can respond to your assignment on Bloomz. Need parents help? You can also add instructions for parents to help their students get started. You can type instructions, record a voice memo or even add a picture with them.

activities-31c. Create templates
You can add dynamic templates for students to use in their response. Add photos, drawings, videos, flies or links in your templates to ensure students understand the task.

activities-42. Track Assignments & Review Student Responses

Students submit their assignments just as easily on their device or from a any browser. They can type, draw, record audio, add files or media to complete their assignments. Once submitted the teacher is notified for review and can accept or send back for revisions before it is approved.

3. Record it All in one Portfolio

Once an assignment is approved, teachers can add it to the student portfolio to keep all their progress in one place and keep parents informed too.

4. Need inspiration?

Bloomz has a vast library of content created by our community of teachers with thousands of activities to pick from.


4a. Easily find what you're looking for
Our library of content can be filtered by grade, or subject. You can also use powerful search functionality to find what you need. You can also browse by most recent, popular authors or most used.

4b. Smart sharing & access
You can share activities with anyone in your school and your school only, so all teachers have access to the same materials for their class.

activities-64c. Organize for easy access
Once you find or create the activities you need, you can add them to your library and organize them in collections for easy access.