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Bloomz Feature Fact Sheets

Here at Bloomz we are regularly releasing new features, and making older feature sets more robust. If you are looking for a particular feature, it should be in the list of fact sheets below. If you are interested in learning more about a feature set, or have a need not covered here - then please schedule a Bloomz Demo with someone on our team by clicking here.


PBIS Behavior Management

District & School Admins can utilize PBIS/SEL Behavior Engagement Reports to determine district & school-wide, and classdata for staff behavior assignments,  trends, interactions by categories etc.


Auto Notices

District and School Administrators can utilize the Bloomz Auto Notice Feature to automatically schedule & send customized notices for priority topics like: Attendance, Behavior, Grades, Lunch Balances, and more.


Family Unified Communications

Bloomz' social media-like interface makes it easy to view activities & updates in your district, school or classroom. You can engage with the teachers and staff quickly and easily see what is going on around them.


Behavior Engagement Reports

District and School Admins can utilize the Bloomz PBIS/SEL Behavior Engagement Reports to determine district-wide, school-wide, and classroom data for staff behavior assignments and so much more.

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Administrator Reports

Bloomz makes it easy for administrators to instantly analyze or monitor data and make it actionable with optional reports (available when corresponding feature is enabled). 



Creating Groups & Members

Expand your communication to groups within the school district, school & classroom or community by creating subgroups associations. Groups & Subgroups encourage communication based on needs.



Activities & Assignments

With Bloomz, your teachers can create digital activities, send assignments to students, track their responses and record them in their Portfolios for easy sharing.



Student Portfolios

Bloomz has the Student Portfolio available to hold all of the students information that is accessible by teachers & parents and even students can have access (when the teacher allows this feature.)

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SIS & LMS Integrations

Bring your data into Bloomz directly from your SIS or LMS through one of our many available integrations.



Oversight & Reporting

School and District Admins can easily find the info, easily consumable, always updated. Full oversight of classrooms and communications!



Calendars & Signups

Coordinating events, signups, RSVP's and reminders with Bloomz. You can sync existing calendars, create events by group or more!



Home Page RSS News Widget

Now you can display current news directly on your school or district's homepage! Have a snow closure? Make a post on your website!

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