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Creating Groups & Adding Members

Download Creating Groups & Adding Members Factsheet

Expand your communication to groups within the school district, school & classroom or community by creating subgroups associations. Groups & Subgroups encourage engaged communication with a subset of members based on group needs.


Create Group/Subgroup

Easily create the group by simple choosing the community to associate the group to and create your group. Go through the steps to complete group creation.

GROUPS-21.) Types of Groups

You have a variety of Group Types to choose to cater to the type of group you have and how you want it to be set up.Please read the explanation with each group option to see how this group would function and what the abilities are for the particular group in Bloomz. Some groups are adult only groups, and some allow students access within group based on your settings.


2. Create the Group Name

Create your unique group name to represent your group dynamics and intentions.groups-3

3. Create Group Alternate Process

Create a group in an optional process though the access of Classes/Groups tab in your community. Follow prompt to create group as directed.


4. Add Members to the Group/Subgroup


Add members to the group by accessing the community member lists in your District, school or class and choosing members to add to Group/Subgroup.

Use the add to another Class/Group icon to choose members. Simply click the button next to their name.

Track the number of members chosen with the "Selected" filter to ensure you are creating your list successfully.


Utilize the Search function to find specific members by name, and choose them easily to add to your Selected list by click on the button next to their name.


Bloomz is proud to have Group/Subgroup options already developed for ease of use and creation. Groups & Subgroups can be incorporated at the district, school, and classroom level to meet your needs for small group, large group, teams, PTO/PTA and all other organizations that you have actively running in your community. Communication is the Bloomz priority and ensuring you have a wide access is your equitable engagement.