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Get Bloomz through the Equalis Group National Cooperative Purchasing Agreement  

The Best Communication Platform, No RFP Needed

Now you can get the best platform for parent, student and staff communication without the hassle of the RFP process, thanks to our agreement with Equalis Group.

How is this possible?

Bloomz was awarded the RFP for Digital Organization, Communication and Engagement Solutions at the Region 10 Education Service Center in Texas. Because this was procured through the Equalis Group's cooperative purchasing program, it is available to other public agencies not only locally, but also nationally, including school districts and  private K-12 schools.

To learn more about what Bloomz can offer your school or school district click to watch this video:

Using the Equalis Group National Cooperative Purchasing Agreement has its benefits!

  • Save Time... Equalis Group has done the procurement work so you don’t have to.
  • Save Money... your dollar goes further with the collective buying power of Equalis Group.
  • Stay Legal... our competitive procurement process delivers statutory compliance in every state.

Any public sector entity in the country can join Equalis Group. There are no dues, fees, or obligations. To learn more about Equalis Group and our Cooperative Purchasing Agreement, click here.

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