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Type of District

City School District




8,000 Students



Northeast Tennessee


Johnson City School District: A Case Study

Johnson City Schools is composed of about at 33% free or reduced lunch, so our demographics at Johnson City Schools vary across the board. They have one high school, two middle schools, and a virtual academy that serves grades six through twelve. The district also has eight elementary schools.


Challenge >>

According to feedback from parents, teachers have received many complaints about being forced to use too many communication methods used across different schools. Parent who had a third grader attend one school might use one app for communication whereas their sixth grader's school completely relies on a different platform. This discrepancy led to confusion and frustration among parents who were struggling to keep up with their children's progress and were finding it hard to access relevant information.

Solution >>

Bloomz offers a comprehensive solution for managing communication between districts, schools, teachers, parents, and students. The platform is designed to replace the need for multiple tools for different grades and classes, making it a complete solution. By adopting Bloomz, Johnson City Schools was able to streamline communication and have it all in one central location, making it easier to manage and track. This unified system has improved communication efficiency for the school district, ultimately improving the learning experience for students. Whether you need to get in touch with a teacher, send out a school-wide announcement, or receive information from the district, Bloomz has everything you need in one place.

Results >>

Johnson City Schools has been delighted since implementing Bloomz, a communication platform that has centralized their communication. The educational institution has been enjoying a variety of core features that Bloomz offers. One feature that stands out is 'the Feed.' The Bloomz Feed is similar to Facebook or Twitter, and Johnson City Schools has been explaining it to teachers and parents as such. The app allows parents to choose how they receive communications, whether via text, robocalling, email or solely through the application. The school system is pleased with the flexibility and range of options that Bloomz offers to make communication more accessible and convenient for its stakeholders.

"Bloomz is easy to use from an administrative standpoint and also very easy to show people how to use. Bloomz has been a great centralized place for us to unify communication, and our district has been very happy with the app." - Collin Brooks