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Kickboard Vs. Bloomz

by Nathan Resick, on Nov 21, 2022 12:58:56 PM

Kickboard is a lightweight PBIS-only app that has the basic PBIS features teachers have come to expect, like tiered intervention plans, a data analytics dashboard, an updating positivity ratio and text notifications.


Kickboard users complain that the UI makes it hard to delete points given by accident; also, the UI could be clearer. Reviews also point to the need for real-time updates. Kickboard currently has no free trial or free version to try the app (unlike Bloomz!)

Bloomz is a parent teacher communication app that combines all communication tools needed for your school or district in one intuitive app. Bloomz has incorporated a powerful PBIS behavior management system, allowing schools to prevent negative behaviors by reinforcing positive behaviors. 

Bloomz has everything you need to follow, analyze and reward student behavior in the classroom and across the school. Enhance your school community through open communication and positive reinforcement by switching to Bloomz!

With Bloomz, you have Access to Advanced PBIS Features:

  • Behavior Tracking in the Classroom (or Anywhere in School)
  • Goal Setting: Track Against Specific Goals
  • Audio and Visual Support for Increased Engagement
  • Learning Tools for all Ages
  • Team Creating within Classrooms
  • School-wide Standards Setting
  • Flag Automation for Providing Comments and Responses
  • Capture Behavior Data for all Students and Across Various Dimensions  

 If you are interested in learning more about Bloomz and the app's PBIS tools, click here to schedule a demo for your school or district!




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