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PBIS/SEL Behavior Reports

 Download PBIS/SEL Behavior Reports Factsheet

District and School Administrators can utilize the Bloomz PBIS/SEL Behavior Engagement Reports to determine district-wide, school-wide, and classroom data for staff behavior assignments, groups/classrooms behavior trends, student behavior interactions by categories and locations in their community.

1. Behavior Data Filters

Data can support evaluation of student interactions to identify gaps, trends or key area of improvement/needed improvement regarding student behavior at your schools to make informed decisions in your community.

1a. Report Preference

Choose the Report filter to show data of behavior documentation by staff, student, behavior interaction or location depending on your intention for data gathering.


1b. Report Filters

Focus in on particular Groups, Staff and Dates to get the granular data you want to see for your community.

  • Group- Select one or multiple group/classes you want to analyze.
  • Staff- Select the staff to see documentation results for interactions within the Groups chosen.
  • Date- Select the date range you are interested in analyzing for behavior data during that time period

1c. Graph Report Metrics

Evaluate & continue to filter the behavior report with the metric and unit dropdown selections in order to see graph data from various views for the metrics you have selected. Click on the graphing points of data will allow you to see more statistics.

  • Metric- Select the Metric of interactions or positivity to gain insight in data available in a visual graph or chart.
  • Unit- Select the Unit of time you want to see in the graph or chart options: daily, weekly or monthly views.



1d. Chart Data

Toggle to the interactive data chart option in order to choose to look at data by Group or by Staff and assessing their Engagement, Interactions and Positivity scale visible in this report.

Chart-Data by Group


Chart-Data by Staff


1e. Interactive Chart Report

Want to dive in to see deeper data with multiple views? Click on the Interactions area in the Chart Report to dive deeper and see filters that give you more data that is narrowed down for specific results. Data will be available in the area of Timeline, Students, & Interactions.



1f. Report Spreadsheet Download

Easily download your data by clicking the Download button on your Behavior Reports Chart page for your Groups and Staff Behavior Engagement based on the report filters & metrics you have chosen to view.