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Tech Director Shares his Recommendation for One Communication Platform

by Horacio Ochoa, on Aug 24, 2021 12:59:19 PM

Welcome to another installment of Bloomz Sound Bites. In this episode, we hear from Scott Forbus, Director of Technology at Atlanta Jewish Academy in GA.

Prior to using Bloomz, Atlanta Jewish Academy would use several tools - from Mailchimp and newsletters at the school level, to Google Groups for classroom communication. This caused different problems for parents, who were receiving 5 to 6 emails per day and would end up unsubscribing and not receiving any communications at all.

Here it is in Scott's words:


AJA decided they needed to streamline all communication, from school-wide to classroom communication and calendars. And, after reviewing many apps in the market - including apps like ParentSquare and other classroom-specific apps, they decided to go with Bloomz.

More than any feature set or anything, (Bloomz's) simplicity is the key to be able to get digestion and understanding from both our teachers and our parents" - Scott Forbus. Tech Director. Atlanta Jewish Academy.

If your school or district is interested in learning more about Bloomz, you can schedule some time with our team to walk you through a free demo of all its capabilities. Simply click here:

Talk to us now!Bloomz Sound Bites is a series of interviews with school administrators and educators to share their experience with Bloomz. If you have a similar experience with Bloomz you want to share, or you want to participate in the Sound Bites series, send us an email to

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